Enterprise Architecture & Strategy Align IT strategy with business strategy

Weak alignment from IT against company strategy and goals can lead to a large, uncontrolled portfolio with duplication of investments, a poor business and IT engagement, and a resulting lack of trust in IT.

itsoli helps you create an overarching plan, starting with business architecture and aligning the applications, information, and technology layers needed to support business capabilities.

Business-driven enterprise architecture becomes the guiding force for all technology investments and allows you to:
  • Create a clear view of the goals, value drivers and corresponding levers that drive the strategy and the target Business Model
  • Align business and IT via a common taxonomy
  • Respond to disruptive market forces with leading enterprise solutions
  • Ensure your investments fit within existing architecture as well as supporting a long-term strategy
  • Support the rapid growth of technology alongside business demand and governance

Maturity Assessments Assess organization’s performance and advance to next maturity level

Leading companies regularly assess their organization’s performance against a structured framework. A maturity assessment reveals your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and uncovers areas for improvement. Assessments show leaders how to advance their organization to develop a competitive advantage.

Combining a structured framework with best-in-breed maturity techniques, itsoli works with your team to:
  • Measure the current state of your business and technical capabilities
  • Identify critical gaps and determine where to prioritize improvement efforts
  • Establish action steps for advancing to the next desired maturity level
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Roadmaps Make your strategy actionable

Technology investments need to advance business objectives. Architecture is not about the technology; it’s about how you manage the technology. With an effective roadmap in place, you can demonstrate how your company’s IT plans will support business strategy and drive business priorities.

itsoli works with you to develop an actionable roadmap so you can:
  • Prioritize improvement and investment opportunities
  • Create a sequence and timeline for each initiative
  • Structure communication between the technology department and business executives to optimize investment decisions
  • Secure buy-in from business leadership
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Governance Any successful transformation requires strong governance

Governance is critical for the success of a company’s goals and strategy. IT investments can only deliver full value when they’re fully aligned with business strategies and direction. A successful governance effort provides a structure for aligning business strategy and IT strategy.

itsoli leverages a proven process and approach harvested from our successful governance experience that will help you:
  • Define and fast track the implementation of the appropriate governance
  • Identify the critical investments among competing initiatives or projects
  • Define and fast track the implementation of the appropriate governance
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Use the Right IT Strategy
to Shape Company Success