PM COE – PM as a Service

PMO – Project Management as a Service (PMaaS), Life Sciences

Their Challenge

Rapid business growth and acquisitions fueled increased business demand for new solutions and IT projects at this Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical giant. The IT PMO had the responsibility of ensuring timely availability of well qualified, GxP experienced project managers in keeping up with the demand. Following the traditional Staff Augmentation model, the PMO was devoting significant time and money in identifying, recruiting, on-boarding, training and managing PMs, with all that comes with it in terms of attrition, institutional knowledge loss, HR related issues, and no bench of company knowledgeable PMs to reuse on subsequent engagements.

What We Did

Leveraging its PM as a Service (PMaaS) offering, itsoli established a PM Center of Excellence (COE) where itsoli builds a flexible pool of well qualified PMs and ensures the timely availability and allocation of appropriately qualified PMs, for the type of project being launched. The itsoli PMCOE is integrated into the client’s PMO and its governance model. Itsoli hires, onboards, trains, supports its Project Managers. Itsoli monitors the overall capacity and bench strength, and adjusts according to demand, It also monitors PM performance as well projects progress. New PMs are trained on the company’s PMO processes as well client specific best practices and Standard Operating Procedures to speed productivity and integration into the client culture.


Our PM COE service manages over 100 projects with $145M budget and ensures the projects under our management meet their delivery scope, time and budget commitments. Our client now receives timely access to technical and functionally knowledgeable PMs to meet their ever increasing project demand. itsoli ensures trained company and domain knowledgeable PMs are available, reducing the cost, time and effort associated with hiring and managing staff augmentation PMs and allowing for easy flexing of capacity. As a Center of Excellence, itsoli’s PMCOE partners and contributes to our client’s internal improvement initiatives. One example is our work on the transition from Waterfall to Agile, ensuring the PMCOE has the skills, tools, templates, and coaching to facilitate a successful transition.

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