Technology Services

Global Architecture & Engineering Center of Excellence (COE)

Managed IT Services, Life Sciences

Their Challenge

This Fortune 200 Biopharmaceutical company experienced constant but unpredictable demand on their Infrastructure Operations (IO) team. Due to the varied nature of the requirements (unplanned operational activities, need for rapid implementation, changing timelines, etc), it was difficult staffing and retaining talent for such variety in skillset and project/initiative duration. Our customer was looking for a partner to create and manage a solution that could cost effectively provide a broad range of experienced professionals to efficiently meet their varied business requirements.

What We Did

itsoli created and implemented an Architecture & Engineering Services COE team to supplement the company’s Infrastructures and Operations teams. The COE is staffed with developers, Infrastructure architects & Engineers, and Systems Analysts who are assigned to activities and initiatives across the IO team. The COE is entirely staffed and managed by itsoli under our Managed Services model. Requirements are captured and executed as projects with clearly defined tasks, deliverables and resource planning and allocation.


The customer gained significant operational efficiencies and reduced their overall costs by entrusting itsoli with the responsibility of managing the selection, training, assignment, mentoring and monitoring of experienced, highly skilled architecture and engineering professionals. This model allowed them to retain domain and technology expertise in addition to the customer specific knowledge necessary to efficiently navigate within their organization. The COE has continued to grow in team size, areas of expertise, and responsibilities and has been instrumental in helping this dynamic organization manage its product and revenue growth.

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