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Their Challenge

This Fortune 200 pharmaceutical company needed effective predictive analytics to optimize the application of an anti-viral drug in treating COVID-19.

What We Did

itsoli led the initiative to design, configure, and implemented a Microsoft Azure platform to support the development of Data Management applications. The project team architected and built the framework for ingestion, transformation and manipulation of operational and analytics databases to support real clinical application data and Machine Learning Data Science models. In less than 3 months, itsoli helped with building several ML models to predict the effectiveness of a leading drug in treating COVID-19. Predictive analytics models were built to help determine where drugs are to be shipped, the optimal effective dosage and which patients have better propensity to respond positively to the drug.


This platform enabled our client to develop and run sophisticated data models with machine learning to continually improve the predictive analytics associated with the who would benefit the most from a particular treatment for a specific virus.

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