BI Infrastructure Rationalization and Strategy

Maturity Assessments, Data & Analytics

Their Challenge

This Fortune 500 data management company’s BI operating model was a black box into which management had minimal visibility. Without transparency, management could not tell the magnitude of the spend, the functionality and benefits derived from the current spend, and insights into whether they were investing in the right things.

What We Did

itsoli established visibility into the spend and allocated resources and reported on the impact of the BI ecosystem. We provided a summary of feedback from the business outlining the value realized and developed capabilities, utilizing the input to benchmark the current state. The analysis was then used to develop a comprehensive BI strategy including target state architecture and technology rationalization.


Our customer now had a right-sized BI scope and landscape focused on the businesses needs with a rationalized budget that was 25% of the previous annual spend. They had a clearly defined and operationalized strategy that included Target State Architecture, capabilities needed, and technology rationalization. This new strategy established the basis for the new BI COE operating model, focused on delivering users the data and analytics they need to drive the business.

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