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Transforming with the Right Solution

    Schedule a Free Cloud Journey Evaluation Today

      Schedule a Free Cloud Journey Evaluation Today

      Modernizing I.T. assets to support
      fast changing business needs.

      Companies understand the need to move on from outdated and increasingly inefficient legacy infrastructures and are rapidly moving to the cloud to experience the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud migration requires careful analysis to ensure the cloud solution's compatibility with your business requirements. It’s not just about getting there, more importantly, it’s about what you do when you get there.   In an effort to showcase our talent and expertise, itsoli offers a no charge Cloud Journey Evaluation to help you assess the direction and effectiveness of your cloud migration initiative.  We will provide insights and best practices in 2-3 areas of your choice to help you evaluate how well your transformation is providing your business the agility and flexibility it needs to be successful.

      We can help you evaluate:

      We can help you evaluate:
      • Is it a new enterprise solution or an upgrade?
      • Whether SaaS or PaaS such as OCI, is it the right fit for your needs?

      We help determine the right cloud strategy to meet your future goals.

      Capabilities Maturity
      • Are the existing capabilities meeting all current needs?
      • How well do they align to future needs?

      We help determine how mature your capabilities are to serve the business.

      Process Area
      • Does your Order to Cash process meet the needs of the entire organization?
      • Is it disjointed?

      We help assess process efficiencies and gaps in O2C / P2R / R2R / H2R.

      • Are the solutions flexible enough to adapt to new needs?
      • Can the solution be built and deployed incrementally?

      We help look at how Flexible and Agile the solutions are to meet changing business needs.

      Business Adoption
      • Is the solution being used by the business to its full potential?
      • What are the challenges in user adoption?

      We help determine how the solution is being used in the organization and what is preventing its utilization.

      Integrated Landscape
      • Do your applications talk to each other?
      • Is there manual work to be done in between what 2 applications do in a process?

      We provide insights into how well the solution delivers integrated processes.

      Data Maturity
      • Are the solutions geared to leverage data assets for business objectives?
      • Do you have to do lot of technical translations to make data work?

      We help look at data capabilities to increase the value of data assets.

      Other Areas
      Every customer has unique problems to solve that are imperative and differentiators. We help look at any particular area of concern and provide perspective.