Managed Services

Service Delivery Accountability

I.T. Solutions gives you the ability to manage the deliverables and output, while we’re held accountable for the Service Delivery.


In addition to operating within your organization’s existing functions, we:


  • Onboard and train our teams on your functional and Technical  environment, and plug any knowledge gaps.
  • Optimize our staff’s utilization and allocation towards milestones and SLAs.
  • Maintain “shadow resource pool” to ease demand ramp up & ad-hoc requirements.
  • Plus more.

Optimize aligning IT investments with business goals and priorities to ensure the best outcomes for your company.

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Staffing & Interim Talent

Capability Driven-Approach

Whether your company has a short term need for a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer, Desktop Support Specialist, or Financial Analyst;  I.T. Solutions has the recruiting capability to identify and onboard the appropriate talent, at a very competitive rate!


With professional Staffing Services, we attempt to fill with our staff.  In cases where our staff is not available, or if the role requires skills outside of our focus areas, we will reach within our network of professionals, and simultaneously our recruiters go out to the market to identify and recruit the required professionals.


As we are a consultancy company, we employ the same stringent selection criteria we use for our own staff: We recruit for our client the same talent we recruit for our own company.

It is a proud achievement for us when our client hires one of our recruits as part of their permanent staff!

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