Since adopting Salesforce, KONE sales professionals in more than 55 countries have used Salesforce.


Salesforce break into blockchain but what's yet to be seen if it's a simple solution or cutting edge.


Salesforce to Power Personalized Customer Engagement for Arcos Dorados.

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I.T. Solutions offers advisory and implementation services on the platform and associated SaaS offerings. PaaS offerings enable agility, scalability and efficiency in information technology innovations while layering in modern UIs, multi-layer security, social and mobile optimization. PaaS applications allow businesses to concentrate on their core expertise without having to worry about platform reliability.


Our expertise in enabling technology applications based on customer needs has earned us the distinction of being a trusted partner for many organizations. With investments in Tier I consultants, not Tier I rates, you can rest assured that we work for you first.

Reap phenomenal operational efficiencies and have unlocked significant business value through the use of PaaS platforms.

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I.T. Solutions provides the most agile, scalable, and efficient Salesforce solutions.


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