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Many companies today struggle with achieving the optimal return of their IT investment. Mature companies often deal with accumulated complexities that constrain the business, while newer companies may face lack of integration resulting from fast growth and fragmented investment.


Our services offer proven methods to capture business priorities and goals as well as current pain points and to provide an IT capability and investment roadmap that enables measurable business outcomes.

Optimize aligning IT investments with business goals and priorities to ensure the best outcomes for your company.

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Enterprise Architecture

Capability Driven-Approach

Organizations who are seeking to better understand how IT investments contribute to business outcomes will benefit from an approach to cohesively determine and prioritize business capabilities to achieve business goals and to tie information and technology investments to those business capability roadmaps.


We help organizations establish a practical approach to Enterprise Architecture that focuses on capabilities and capability roadmaps and delivers outcomes while maintaining flexibility and adaptivity to change. A capability-driven approach helps organizations clarify what capabilities are needed, prioritize which capabilities are most important to achieving business outcomes, align investments to priorities, and measure progress over time.

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Business Intelligence

Structured Enterprise Data from On-Prem to Cloud

During the early to mid-2000s, enterprises made large investments in data warehousing and business intelligence solutions to enable business outcomes by providing accurate and timely data to users. Typically, investments were utilized to create an Enterprise Data Warehouse solution, which integrates structured enterprise data from on premise ERP, CRM, and other systems utilizing ETL technologies, and presents aggregated views to users via BI tools such as Business Objects, Cognos, or Oracle BI.


Enterprises find that these structures have over time become too rigid to support today’s volume, velocity, and variety of information, and often limit the ability to use data pro-actively to influence business outcomes, rather than just report on them after the fact.

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Data Integration

Best Mix of Cloud Infrastructure

With traditional applications continuing to move off-premise into the cloud, and with new and diverse sources of data continuing to emerge in parallel, managing integration rather than applications will continue grow in importance to become a core competency for IT organizations.


In many organization a combination of different solutions, ranging from ad-hoc, point-to-point integration to centralized integration solutions co-exist, but are inefficient due to fragmentation and lack of a coordinated approach.

Tool-based migration processes and best-practice deployment methods to ensure minimal disruption and reduce risk.

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